How to localize for Chinese: Chinese Mobile App/Web UI Trends

As I’m preparing a service to launch for mainland Chinese, I’ve looking around several Chinese apps and also searching for some info and found some really good information from experts who have experiences working in localizing services for Chinese.

Below are the links I’ve found:

  1. “Chinese App UI Trends”: Written by Dan Grover, who moved from San Francisco to Beijing and became a product manager of WeChat, a popular messaging app in China. Very well organized with lots of detailed examples:
  2. China’s Top Mobile Apps of 2014: Showing the Top 2 apps from various categories.
  3. Localizing How to for Chinese Market: Focuses on Visual Design Patterns and Colors–cms-23753
  4. Mobile App UI Comparison: US vs China: Comments taken on Dan Grover’s post
  5. Chinese Web Design Trends 2015 & Mobile Light App Trends in China: Great info on Design Trends and heavy dependency on Mobile in China e-Commerce Market with info on popular Lights Apps
  6. Popular Light App development company Live App’s Website:
  7. Chinese Web Design Patterns: how and why they are different
    Very thoughtful points made on culture and customs to understand how they have influenced designs in China and what we should consider to support Chinese users’ metal model.
  8. Are Chinese App Interface Really Brighter?
    Fun nitty experiment on comparing popular app icon images of China and the US and seeing the color histogram and saturation data. Yes, the Chinese Apps are REALLY Brighter!
    Chinese App Design Patterns: Chinese UX Design Patterns

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